Tenth Doctor in Forest of the Dead

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People speak of the bond between parents and their child, an unconditional love. This kind of love is not restricted to family, share this love with the world. Love the world because you are a citizen of the world and you are entwined with the people around you, the animals, the cities, they are part of you and you are them. Let your mark on the world be love. And when you can not show outward signs of love, show your respect because respect is the foundation of love.
For if you love the world, it will love you right back.

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Fashion Wonderland: Zuhair Murad pre fall 2014

If you don’t think I would wear all of these, you’re wrong.

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So let me tell you this, you are important. You are a part of this relationship, and you are important. While the sweetest of the love songs suggests that you should make someone your world, that is just wrong in many aspect. What you should be doing is that you should create a world where both of you are in it. Where however imperfect both of you are, despite all the odds, forever is possible.